We strongly believe that people do judge a book by its cover. Choices are just too abundant nowadays with more than 100,000 new apps being added to the market every month. How would your app stand a chance unless it truly shines and captures people attention? Your app just can’t afford to be not beautiful, both in terms of its design and the user experiences it provides. We are a team of people who truly believes in getting all these elements right for your app.

From coding the app down to the detailed design of a single button, we work closely with you in making sure that your app presents its best identity while working seamlessly for your users. At our place, we believe that technical challenges shall not be a limitation to stunning app designs. Instead, we believe both can wok hand-in-hand in delivering a truly remarkable user experience to your users. Engage us today.

Stunning Design

From selecting the overall feel of the app to picking colours and font sizes for every single buttons and labels, we place top priority in making sure that the design of your app is eye-catching, awesome-looking, and truly presents the branding identity that you desire.

Least Step-to-Action

For an app to be truly user-friendly, it has to allow users to take as minimal steps as possible when they attempt to perform an action on the app. At our place, we help you design optimally, reduce any unnecessary Step-To-Actions, and making sure that your app will be a real ease for your users to use.

Seamless Functionality

Besides serving the right functionalities, your app should also operate seamlessly to optimize user experiences. Our team of dedicated programmers will not only ensure that your app would run as intended but will run efficiently and fast enough to impress your users.

Marcus Toy

Chief Executive Officer

Ana Mouratidou

Strategic Partnership Lead

Leon Paul

Software Engineer Lead

Bianca Tamburrino

UI/UX Designer


An app that provides scientifically-designed guided meditation tracks to help users release stress, stay calm and be productive throughout the day.

“The perfect place to start learning about meditation”


An app that enables users to send tasks to each other with alarms preset, and to monitor the progress and status of those tasks in real-time. “A project management tool for modern casual users!”

Study Timer

An app that attempts to accelerate student’s learning effectiveness by allocating the optimal break time required for different time period of intense focus undertaken. “The best and most stunning-looking tool to accelerate your learning”

Big Small Rush

A game app that brings the game of chance, Sic Bo, to casual players. Players are challenged to strategize, win and clear four different level of virtual casinos, and even to compete scores against other players around the world. “The world #1 Sic Bo experience”


USD 3,000++/platform
  • 10 App Screens
  • Local Notification
  • Logo Design
  • Submission to App Store


USD 15,000++/platform
  • 20 App Screens
  • Advanced Web Integration (With Custom Authentication)
  • Advanced Data Saving (Core Data & SQLite)
  • Local Notification & Push Notification
  • Logo Design
  • Screen Design
  • Submission to App Store


USD 25,000++/platform
  • 25 App Screens
  • Advanced Web Integration (With Custom Authentication)
  • Advanced Data Saving (Core Data & SQLite)
  • Local Notification & Push Notification
  • Logo Design
  • Screen Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Submission to App Store
  • App Store Optimisation

*Prices shown are for reference purpose and shall differ based on case-to-case basis. Please contact us for more information.

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