90-day HardCore Internship Program

We are currently seeking for smart and passionate talents like yourself to join our 90- day hardcore internship which is unlike any other internship out there. We can assure you that by the time you are done with this internship, you will be fully equipped with skills that will give you an edge in the job market. The learning curve will be super steep and the journey will be unforgettable.

Software Engineer
  • Coding iOS and Android mobile apps as well as Web.
  • Designing and optimizing mobile apps/Web UI/UX.
  • Learning the most in-demand programming languages.


  • Any programming languages are welcomed, preference to JavaScript, Swift, MySQL, Python etc.
  • Eager and driven to learn.
  • A “can do” mentality.
  • Fast learner.


Business Development and Sales
  • Develop sales and marketing strategies to acquire and retain new clients both locally and internationally.
  • Learn how to build and maintain awesome client relationships.
  • Build strong networking skills.
  • Take part in Design Thinking process to discover customers’ needs for new product development.
  • Get involved in macro and micro analyses, e.g: PESTEL.
  • Growth hacking ideas.


  • Strong interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills (people person).
  • Strong analytical thinking.
  • Results driven.
  • Eager and driven to learn.
  • A “can do” mentality.
  • Passionate about technologies.
  • Sales experience would be a distinct advantage.


Why this internship?

We know that “90-day hardcore internship” sounds already good. But that’s just one part of our programme. What makes our internships special is definitely our culture and strong beliefs. We believe in hiring the best and smartest talents and letting them build the company’s future. As such, we dedicate every Friday a special day for all talents to work freely on their personal projects, something that they love and are passionate in. Imagine working with a group of passionate and intelligent talents just like yourself. You might eventually create a real impact on this world.

If you are someone smart, determined and hungry to learn then we urge you to apply irrespective of which field of study you’re from. Come and join a team of passionate and energetic individuals!

Additionally, this is not just an internship to grow professionally but also personally by creating new experiences in one of the most exciting cities in SouthEast Asia.

If you are creative, determined and a quick learner, we welcome you to apply irrespective of which field of study you’re from.

Contact us today to apply!

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